Our Ethos

Founded on sustainable principles

Wye Valley accommodation

Values and Aspirations

Our approach to responsible tourism

Our aspiration is to be an exemplar for eco-tourism, founded on a low carbon footprint in aesthetically beautiful contemporary accommodations, providing year-round employment to local people and service providers.

Optimisation of community resources

To bring our dream to reality, we brought together an innovative group of local architects, craftspeople and specialist consultants, all of whom shared a common ambition to create a unique, cutting edge design with modernist aesthetics and excellent energy performance. Following this our project positively promotes and utilises the services of local suppliers found mainly in and around Hay-on-Wye.

  • Wye Valley accommodation
  • Wye Valley accommodation
  • Wye Valley accommodation

Local timbers from Welsh forests

Following advice from Wood Knowledge Wales the luxe-pods were designed and constructed to celebrate and demonstrate the strength and quality of local softwoods in an advanced construction setting. Examples of this are the spectacular laminated larch-glulam curved framework that support these structures together with solid timber walls using Brettstapel techniques to mirror the curve of the framework resulting in a spectacular aesthetic that sits gently within the local landscape. Both cladding and decking use locally grown western red cedar from woodlands managed under a continuous cover regime. This is an uneven-aged sustainable forest management system designed to support forest resilience.

  • Wye Valley accommodation

Energy efficiency

Each luxe-pod is extremely energy efficient, and close to Passive Haus standard, with significant insulation together with a unique and innovative passive climate control system to manage ventilation year round.

Responsible land management

With advice from a local ecologist the meadow and woodland have benefited from extensive planting to enrich the original landscape of mature Corsican pines and coppiced hazel to create a wildlife habitat for mammals, bats, birds, and insects. Indigenous snowdrops, primroses, and bluebells have been planted to bring additional colour and energy to the woodland walks in late winter and spring.

Wye Valley accommodationWye Valley accommodationWye Valley accommodation

Sustainable lifestyle

As with many others, this is a work in progress that we aim to strengthen in the months and years ahead and commencing with the following:

Bins provided for guests to compost their raw vegetable waste, which we collect and use to feed the plants and trees.

Eco-friendly and ethical products provided for shower room, cleaning and washing.

Two fast-charging points have been commissioned for guests to recharge electric cars.

Hot tubs are heated using the waste energy from the filter motor in a system based on one motor only rather than the conventional two motor tubs.

Organic fertilisers only used on the land. Fruit from trees is available to guests when in season. Local suppliers are well documented in our Information handbooks for guests.

Electricity is from a green supplier.

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Every effort has been made here to make this project eco-friendly and sustainable. They are made from local produce, staffed by local people, constructed with sustainable principles and maintained with low-energy, ecologically friendly systems, as well as being surrounded by freshly-planted wild flowers and natural habitats for the local wildlife.
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