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Hay-on-Wye Self-Catering Accommodation

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Where Luxury Greets Nature

Our inspiration for Cynefin is the wonder and joy of British landscapes – the mountains, hills, meadows, rivers and streams – and our aspiration to make this stunning Welsh-English border landscape accessible and enjoyable, year-round, whatever the weather.

Like others, we have often headed to warmer climes where living in the outdoors is more-or-less guaranteed by a stable climate. We dreamt of creating a natural, uncontrived holiday destination in the UK, for people to escape to where it remains possible to enjoy nature and an outdoor lifestyle. We were so excited when this perfect little plot of land became available and we began turning our dream to reality.

We were excited to find the Welsh word ‘Cynefin’ which essentially means ‘rooted in place’ and it felt like the perfect name to encapsulate our vision for year-round living in the landscape experiences.

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With an entire perimeter wall made of floor to ceiling windows. The countryside is the stage and you are an audience member to nature. Horses and cows in fields, sunrises and sunsets to bookend your day, and a blanket of twinkly stars in the evening. It is such a treat.
Hay-on-Wye Self-Catering AccommodationHay-on-Wye Self-Catering AccommodationHay-on-Wye Self-Catering Accommodation

What you will find at Cynefin Retreats

Four individual 1-bed luxe-pods, three individual 2-bed luxe-lodges, located within seven acres of woodland and meadow.

A choice of indoor and outdoor spaces to relax and unwind; sofas, decking, terraces and grassy spaces perfect for meditation, yoga, writing, or simply sitting and finding tranquillity.

Space and privacy to shut away the rest of the world and retreat into the landscape from the comfort of your luxe accommodation.

Beautiful, natural landscaping which welcomes nature. As you walk through our woodland, you will see habitat piles providing a home for local wildlife, hedgehog, toad, and newt, along with a plethora of bird, bat and owl boxes.

  • Hay-on-Wye Self-Catering Accommodation
  • Hay-on-Wye Self-Catering Accommodation
  • Hay-on-Wye Self-Catering Accommodation

Fabulous dark skies at night. We are located on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park, one of only 13 locations worldwide with a ‘dark sky’ status due to its low light and air pollution. Cynefin therefore makes for a fabulous spot for star-gazing. Magic.

A ‘secret willow garden’ at the end of our woodland, with beautifully shaped willow bough, the perfect quiet spot for a picnic, or reading a book.

A public footpath bordering Cynefin Retreats, which leads up to the hills and down to the river. The path connects into the Wye Valley Walk and Offa’s Dyke close by.

Hay-on-Wye Self-Catering AccommodationHay-on-Wye Self-Catering AccommodationHay-on-Wye Self-Catering Accommodation
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It is our aspiration that guests are rejuvenated by the immersive nature experience at Cynefin Retreats. It works. Our guests slow down, find time to rest their bodies and relax their minds. There is lots to do in the local area, but actually, best of all is simply hanging out at Cynefin, taking in the views, walking our footpaths, looking up at the trees. Forest bathing really works; at a subliminal and conscious level. Our guests sense the recuperative and healing value of nature when they stay with us at Cynefin.
Lorna Felgate, Owner

Cynefin Retreats